Dr Antony Mullen

Antony Mullen is Director of the Thatcher Network and a Research Associate at the University of Bolton.

Dr David Jeffery

David Jeffery is Co-Director of the Thatcher Network and a Lecturer at the University of Liverpool.

Who We Work With

Professor Stephen Farrall is Research Professor of Criminology at the University of Derby and the PI of the ESRC funded Thatcher’s Legacy project. With Antony and David, he is co-editor of Thatcherism in the 21st Century: The Social and Cultural Legacy.

Dr Martin Farr is Senior Lecturer in Contemporary British History at Newcastle University. Martin was the keynote speaker at our first conference and has been heavily involved since.

Dr Emily Stacey teaches at Oxford Brookes University. She gave her first ever conference paper at the 2017 Thatcher Network conference and has remained a close collaborator.