The Thatcher Network’s annual conference has provided a forum for interdisciplinary discussions about Margaret Thatcher, Thatcherism, and the legacy of the two since 2017.

We invite a broad range of papers that offer new perspectives on Thatcher and Thatcherism and welcome contributions from as wide a variety of disciplines as possible.

Papers may speak to any aspect of ‘Thatcher studies’: we prioritise variety and insight over having a narrowly defined conference theme.

Our conferences also aim to bring academics together with key figures from the 1980s and Conservative politics. Previous speakers at our events have included Lord Heseltine, Sir John Redwood and Caroline Slocock.

Abstracts of c.250 words in Microsoft Word, for papers lasting 15 minutes, should be sent to by Friday 21st January 2022.

Papers may cover, but are not limited to:

  • Thatcherite political economy
  • Thatcher(ism), media and popular culture
  • Thatcherism and foreign policy
  • Post-Thatcherism in the Conservative Party
  • Thatcherism and specific regions of, or places with, the UK
  • Analyses of specific ministers/policies of the Thatcher government
  • Thatcher(ism) and the ‘Red Wall’
  • New historical perspectives on the 1980s
  • The causes of Thatcherism and the circumstances of its emergence.

Submissions from women continue to be strongly encouraged.

This event is supported by the PSA Conservatism Studies and Politics & History Specialist Groups.

Speakers will be invited to publish chapters based on their papers in a future edited collection.