Dr Martin Farr

Martin Farr is Senior Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary British History at Newcastle University, UK. He has published widely on 20th- and 21st-century British history, including on leaders of the Labour Party, the First World War, the decline of coastal resorts, and David Cameron’s relationship with Barack Obama. With Xavier Guégan, he is co-editor of the multi-volume The British Abroad Since the Eighteenth Century. 

He has made numerous national and international TV and radio appearances, including on BBC 1 & 2, ITN, BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service, More4, and Al Jazerra, and has written for The Guardian and The Times among others. He also chairs INSIGHTS, Newcastle University’s public lecture series.

Martin’s paper will be based on his current project, entitled Margaret Thatcher’s World, which focuses on the internationalisation of Thatcherism.


Dr Madsen Pirie

Madsen Pirie is the President of the Adam Smith Institute. He studied for a PhD at the University of St Andrews and was a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Philosophy at Hillsdale College, Michigan. Madsen founded the Adam Smith Institute in 1977 and was influential in advocating privatisation and free market policies throughout Margaret Thatcher’s time in office. He was appointed to Prime Minister John Major’s Advisory Panel from 1991-95. In 2010 he was appointed a Senior Visiting Fellow at the University of Cambridge.

His work has been published in The Telegraph, The Times and The Spectator and he has made appearances on Sky News and the BBC. He is the author of How to Win Every Argument, Think Tank: The Story of the Adam Smith Institute and Trial and Error and the Idea of Progress. He recently starred in Brexit: The Movie.

Madsen’s talk will be a defence of neoliberal ideas, entitled Seeing the World Through Neoliberal Eyes.


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